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Progress that transcends borders

We have a technological platform that facilitates the planning, control, tracking, management and visibility, providing the comfort you need throughout the whole process.

  • Tracking (Web/App)

    Tracking (Web/App)

    Connect with your shipment’s movement

    We have a visibility system, which tracks the shipment in real time, from the consolidation storage release to the arrival at the border, crossing, pickup and transfer to plant.

    Track your shipment
  • Lara


    Foresee any setback and ensure the arrival of your shipment.

    We generate routes and backup plans in case of any contingency by considering weather and infrastructure factors.

  • Business intelligence

    Business Intelligence

    Detailed analysis of critical indicators in the supply chain.

    Thus, we ensure we provide a transparent service in order to be efficient at all times.

  • CrossBorder Tracking Tool

    Crossborder Tracking Tool

    Own collaborative tracking system at border crossings for import and export.

    Track and control the shipment crossing in every process: documentation, declaration, consolidation, crossing and pickup.